BURST is a photographic performance event - In a party atmosphere people are asked to recline on a chaise-long and blow up a balloon until it bursts. They are filmed and a video-still of the crucial moment is chosen together with onlookers and printed out. Over the evening a display of these images starts to grow.

Rotozaza plays with the idea of 'taking away the responsiblity to perform', this time for the camera. Involuntary reaction obliterates any decision of how to present oneself for this unusual 'portrait', and in so doing creates a 'natural' picture of our expressive mechanism in a split second of crisis.

Created for LIFT London International Festival of Theatre [2001]

and subsequently ARCOLA THEATRE [2002]

and then LATITUDE FESTIVAL 2012 - documentation to the right >> by Britt Hatzius

[BURST] is an ongoing project.

CONTACT > admin@rotozaza.co.uk

The idea came from a moment in Rotozaza [DUE] (Milan, Italy, 1999)