- A short film by ROTOZAZA and ICARUS

Sam Britton, Ollie Bown, Anthony Hampton, Silvia Mercuriali

premiered 28th March 2001 at the LUX CINEMA, Hoxton Square, East London

as part of the MUSIC FOR SILENT FILMS project by ICARUS

from the programme>>>

"Rotozaza are better known for their performance/ theatre work, but collaborations with ICARUS go back a long way, most memorably with the experimental piece [BLOKE]. MISS [1] TAKE is a continuous, uncut 14 minute take which transforms chance visual elements into deliberate musical strokes, just as the girl in question (who manages to miss two trains during the course of the film) realises her random movements are produciong other, strangely familiar sounds. Icarus' first forays into the art of FOLEY (the act of recreating a film's sound in a studio) have created a study of the relationship between sound, synchronicity and the live act. The metro station Garibaldi, in Milan, is situated under a deserted garden where Rotozaza performed their large-scale performance [DUE] back in 1999. MISS [1] TAKE was shot around 6pm on 8th March 2001."

Many of these ideas were taken further in a later collaboration with ICARUS - [TAKE IT, TAKE IT], at the Edinburgh Festival

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