an outdoor TOCAR expermiment performance for CLISSOLD PARK


by Ant Hampton, for StokeFest 2006 - every hour, on the hour, 3-7pm [5 shows, 10 guest performers, no rehearsals]

- originally made for StokeFest 2003, Sunday June 15th

punt-a f. point; tip; corner; end; top, peak; headland, stitch [in the side], sharp pain, small amount, pinch, touch, trace
Written for a crowded park on a summer's day. We [the audience] are sat under a tree. We watch a performer in the distance who, it is explained, has no idea of what she must do. She listens to headphones which tell her what to say and do. Between her and us there are many people, much activity. She wanders in and out of view.

There is a man right next to us who does not move. He also has headphones telling him what to do [and, like the girl, he doesn't know what's coming next - there have been no rehearsals]. The recording he listens to is telling him what to say, but the text he repeats are instructions themselves, directed at the girl in the distance [though she is much too far away to hear him].

It seems there is a communication formed between the two performers. 'Sit on the bench. Slide off it slowly. Lie on the floor. Take your shoes off and throw them in the air', he says, quietly. 200 metres away we see her doing these things and, sometimes, the reactions of people walking past. After a while we also hear her 'thoughts' over a small speaker system next to us [actually a pre-recorded voice that co-incides with her actions, or which responds to the man's questions].