- 1998

Written and directed by Ant Hampton with Joseph Alford [now of Theatre O] and Natalija Pocuca (now of ORTSOFORT). Created in London, performed in Antibes, France, for two weeks in an old cinema. This picture (below) shows Joseph Alford frozen still in a paddling pool, covered in milk, sugar and cornflakes, having had a frenzied and ecstatic breakfast.

Joseph Alford played a man haunted (terrororised and seduced) by the memory of "some woman" whose ambiguous presence on stage [Natalija Pocuca] was explored through games of invisibility, contact, madness and ineptitude. This was the first ROTOZAZA, and through various techniques set up a playful ambiguity regarding how an audience should read the unfolding events... something we have come back to over and over again since then.

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